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Adopt a proactive approach to data reliability

Don't let your data pipeline slow to a trickle of low-quality data; instead, harness data observability to quickly deliver reliable data. Many enterprises have seen an explosion in the volume, velocity and variety of data. As a result, these organizations are struggling to manage the health and quality of their data sets, which is necessary to make better business decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Data observability is quickly emerging as a key solution for helping data teams and engineers to not only better understand the health of data, but more importantly, automatically resolve issues, such as anomalies, breaking data changes or pipeline failures, in near real-time. According to Gartner, every year poor data quality costs organizations an average $12.9 million.

Join CDM Media and IBM as they hold a discussion on how data observability can help your data and IT teams quickly surface and resolve data pipeline issues.



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